Friday, 25 September 2015

Koko and Kev's Last Day

Koko and Kev's last day with us was quite a fun one. It was our school's Sports Day. Our school has 4 teams Faulkner (Red), Montague (Green), Kelly (Yellow) and Wright (Blue). Koko and Kev's day started off with the whole school Health Hustle - everyone in the school danced in their teams to a modified version of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off". After that they listened to the team chants and then it was off to the tabloid events.

Koko and Kev spent the whole time moving from event to event in Mrs Knipe's trolley. They had a go at some of the events too. Our Sports Day has lots of fun events like High Jump, Long Run, Target Throw, Obstacle Course, Corner Spry and Hurdles. As you will see in the photos, Koko and Kev liked the sack race but we think their favourite was jumping up and down when they had a try on the parachute.

We have included some photos of Koko and Kev from the day and want to wish them well on their trip to their next school. We have decided to send them on to a school in New Zealand because we have a class member who originally came from New Zealand and thought it would be fun to send Koko and Kev to visit on the the North Island.

Here are our photos from Sports Day

We also wanted to share our video of Koko and Kev having fun playing on the parachute when we were competing in that event.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Welcome to Adelaide Koko and Kev

Koko and Kev have arrived safely at our school in Adelaide, South Australia. Thanks to the Stage 1 students at Inaburra for sending them along to us and for all the interesting information you sent with them - we really enjoyed reading it. Koko and Kev were greeted by some very excited year 3 and 4 students. We have already made a list of all the interesting places in our school we would like to show them and we are looking forward to sharing this all with you very soon.

For now, here is a photo to show you all that Koko and Kev are happy and safe in our classroom and about to begin some new adventures.