Thursday, 28 May 2015

Learning in 2G, Malaysia

We have been learning about Electricity this week. Luna and Hazelnut learnt how to make a circuit.

We have also been learning about money. Do you know what the currency is in Malaysia? 

Luna and Hazelnut have arrived in Malaysia

2G at Garden International School were very excited when Luna and Hazelnut arrived earlier this week.

They have made friends with our class mascot Blue Kangaroo. 

Luna and Hazelnut have been enjoying the hot and humid Malaysian weather. 

Last few days at Clyde School

Click on the picture below to see what Koko has been getting up to.

Koko went for a walk to the Clyde bridge which is about 500 metres from our school.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Koko Exploring Clyde School

Today we took Koko around our school and when we got back to class we wrote about where we had taken him.  Click on the book below to see some photos and read our stories.
Koko Exploring Our School

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ice Skating - Sunday 24th May

It was Tahlia's 7th Birthday party today and Koko joined the celebrations. Bridey took Koko for a skate around the rink. We wonder if it is Koko's first time ice skating?

Koko's Adventures - Saturday 23rd May

Koko went for a walk to explore Central Otago. She walked along the Central Otago Rail Trail and then visited the Monorburn dam, which is an irrigation dam that often freezes over in the heart of winter and you are able to skate on it.

Koko the Koala arrives safely at Clyde School

The Clyde School Junior Rooms were very excited to receive a surprise visitor on Thursday. 

We are looking forward to having Koko spend a week with us before heading away on more exciting adventures.

Koko helping with a word building game during reading time.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

And we're off!

Today we officially launch our Travel Buddy Project!

We will be sending our three furry friends off on their big adventure. The first schools to get visited will be...
Our travel buddies are on the way to you! Hope you enjoy their visit and look forward to passing them along to the next schools!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Meet 2G at PLC Sydney

We are so excited to be sending Lunar and Hazelnut on their big adventure. We are looking forward to following our travel buddies as they journey to different places. We have enjoyed getting to know our new friends.

Kangaroos live in bushland and carry their babies (joeys) in their pouch. They have soft grey, reddish or brown fur. They have a strong tail and use their legs to jump and kick. When we researched we found out that they live in groups called mobs and they like to box, which looks really funny!

2G consists of 20 enthusiastic girls who like to wonder about the world they live in. We have been investigating unusual pets and have three carnivorous (meat eating) plants and one stick insect who likes to eat eucalyptus leaves. We have formulated many questions for us to explore.

We hope you enjoy your time with Lunar and Hazelnut, please take care of them.

Kind regards,
2G PLC Sydney

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Meet 2S at PLC Sydney

Koko the Koala is cute and furry, she has white ears and grey fur. She loves to eat gum leaves, climb trees and rest. She sits in our classroom all day watching us learn from her spot on Miss Scandrett’s desk.

Her favourite subject is Science and she loves learning about all the different types of likely and unlikely pets. Koko is one of five unlikely pets in our classroom. In 2S we have Todo our class pet, aqua dragons, hermit crabs and Fang the Venus Fly Trap. And Koko the Koala of course!

2S are a fantastic and lovely class of 20 hardworking girls. We will miss Koko while she is on her adventure and feel that she will be gone for a long time. But we are looking forward to following her adventures and sharing in what she learns. We can’t wait to see them on the blog.

Please take care of her and we hope you enjoy her.


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Meet 2A at PLC Sydney

Wumbat has been getting to know us in 2A. Wumbat is a bare-nosed New South Wales wombat who has been cuddling and listening to us this term. Wumbat is very kind and furry.

Wumbat has been spending time getting to know our new Hermit Crabs. There are 6 Hermit Crabs in a glass enclosure. They all have different coloured shells. Recently one of biggest crabs moved into a new home. He started with a blue shell and now he has a brown home. It didn’t take very long for him to move homes. Wumbat thought he would like to move and get a new home too.

Here is our class, ready to send Wumbat on her way!