Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Meet 2A at PLC Sydney

Wumbat has been getting to know us in 2A. Wumbat is a bare-nosed New South Wales wombat who has been cuddling and listening to us this term. Wumbat is very kind and furry.

Wumbat has been spending time getting to know our new Hermit Crabs. There are 6 Hermit Crabs in a glass enclosure. They all have different coloured shells. Recently one of biggest crabs moved into a new home. He started with a blue shell and now he has a brown home. It didn’t take very long for him to move homes. Wumbat thought he would like to move and get a new home too.

Here is our class, ready to send Wumbat on her way!

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  1. Wumbat has been visiting us in Western Australia. Our school is in a suburb south of the sparkling Swan River. There are wombats in WA but they are hairy-nosed wombats. We can't ever remember seeing a wombat at our school before. On the day he arrived, our school was running a lapathon and our students were delighted to help him around the course. In fact, he was so comfortable being carried that he looked like he went to sleep. He did manage to get some sponsors at short notice and true to Orana's school value of generosity Wumbat contributed some cash to our fundraising efforts. This week, he has been resting before he takes off for New Zealand. We hope he creates the same excitement over there as he has here. We wish him luck on his journey and say a big hello to his owners at PLC.