Thursday, 3 December 2015

Farewell Koko and Kev

Six Team in Hastings, New Zealand were a bit sad today. They had to say goodbye to their buddies, Koko and Kev. Koko and Kev have been hanging out in our classroom for about a month now.

They are our favourite Read to Someone buddies, and have loved learning about us, our class and our school. We have written reports so that we can share this information with the other children that are reading this blog. Some of these will be published here soon!

Today, Koko and Kev have been helping us with our Reader's Theatre. They are able to read with great expression.

I wonder where Koko and Kev will turn up next.

Haere Ra
Six Team

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Farewell, Lunar and Hazelnut!

We planned a perfect day to say farewell to Lunar and Hazelnut. We had a whole school assembly in the morning and we were very excited to be the class running the assembly and performing in front of everyone. We sang the song ‘The Circle of Life’ from the movie ‘Lion King’ and performed the AUSLAN signs to go along with the words. We had Lunar and Hazelnut join us on stage in front of everyone. 2S did an amazing job at the assembly and the day only got better from there!

For Technology and Enterprise over the last few weeks we designed and built cars made out of recycled boxes, with the only rule being that the cars had to be big enough for us to sit comfortably in for over an hour. After our assembly we lined all of our finished box cars up on the floor and had an old fashioned drive-in. We watched the movie ‘The Lion King’ and had a fantastic time. It was a lovely way to spend our last day with our very special visitors.

2S would like to say thank you to PLC for this wonderful project, we had the best time with our travel buddies. Good luck on you next adventure Lunar and Hazelnut!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Lunar and Hazelnut Arrive in Narrogin!

Wow, what an exciting day it was in 2S! We got a big parcel and it took a lot of guesses and questioning before we figured out what could be inside our parcel. The senders address (Denmark) had us confused for a little while until one student remembered a discussion we had a long time ago about the possibility of visitors coming to our class. We opened up the parcel and were thrilled to discover Lunar and Hazelnut inside.

We decided to brainstorm some exciting things that we wanted to do with Lunar and Hazelnut and our list very quickly grew from 2 ideas to many! We thought the first thing we could do was show Lunar and Hazelnut around the classroom and school.

These are photos of 2S students playing with Lunar and Hazelnut at lunch time.

2S were very enthusiastic about playing a game of ‘Kangaroo Skippy Roo’ with our visitors and we enjoyed the game so much that we played it many more times – even at recess and lunch!

We are learning about narratives this term and thought we could use Lunar and Hazelnut as inspiration for our own stories! Most of us used Lunar and Hazelnut as the main characters and wrote amazing tales about all the adventures they could have been on.

Here we are working on our stories.

We used our computer lab time to research kangaroos and brainstorm some facts that we learnt or already knew. We wrote these facts on the back of our paper kangaroos. When we had written enough facts, we were able to decorate the front of our kangaroos. We think our kangaroos turned out to be pretty awesome!

Lunar and Hazelnut helped us in our Geography lesson while they were here, we used their journey across the world to help us with our knowledge of continents and countries. We drew their journey so far on a map, and figured out where to send them next. We also showed Lunar and Hazelnut how dry ice reacts when it is put in water – it was a very exciting experiment!

We were very lucky to receive a gift from Fuglsanggaardsskolen in Denmark. They sent us a book with information all about Vikings. Reading this book made us all very interested in learning about Vikings and we have been doing a lot of reading, fact finding and sharing to spread new information we have learnt about Vikings. We really enjoyed looking at the Viking language and writing sentences using Viking letters.

At Narrogin Primary School we learn Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) as an additional language. We are all very interested in it and love our lessons. Here are some photos of Lunar and Hazelnut joining in on one of our Auslan lessons.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Koko and Kev Kick Back in Hastings

Hi Everyone

Kia Ora Koko and Kev! 

Gosh. The arrival of this package in Six Team's class got us wondering. We asked lots of questions. We used some clues to figure out what it might be. Our guessing continued. 

We knew the package had come from South Australia, because we read the sender's address on the back. 

 We wondered...
Is it a pineapple?

There were cheers and excitement when Koko and Kev poked their heads out of the posting bag. They had made it to Mahora School in Hastings, New Zealand. We hope they weren't too hungry on the plane. 

They have been having an outstanding time with our class, Six Team and our teacher,  Miss Revell. 

Koko and Kev had a wonderful time at the Hastings Royal A&P Show with us. 

Koko and Kev are looking forward to their Skype call with the Juniors at Clyde School and Mrs Kitto this morning to share what they have been up to.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Koko and Kev's Last Day

Koko and Kev's last day with us was quite a fun one. It was our school's Sports Day. Our school has 4 teams Faulkner (Red), Montague (Green), Kelly (Yellow) and Wright (Blue). Koko and Kev's day started off with the whole school Health Hustle - everyone in the school danced in their teams to a modified version of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off". After that they listened to the team chants and then it was off to the tabloid events.

Koko and Kev spent the whole time moving from event to event in Mrs Knipe's trolley. They had a go at some of the events too. Our Sports Day has lots of fun events like High Jump, Long Run, Target Throw, Obstacle Course, Corner Spry and Hurdles. As you will see in the photos, Koko and Kev liked the sack race but we think their favourite was jumping up and down when they had a try on the parachute.

We have included some photos of Koko and Kev from the day and want to wish them well on their trip to their next school. We have decided to send them on to a school in New Zealand because we have a class member who originally came from New Zealand and thought it would be fun to send Koko and Kev to visit on the the North Island.

Here are our photos from Sports Day

We also wanted to share our video of Koko and Kev having fun playing on the parachute when we were competing in that event.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Welcome to Adelaide Koko and Kev

Koko and Kev have arrived safely at our school in Adelaide, South Australia. Thanks to the Stage 1 students at Inaburra for sending them along to us and for all the interesting information you sent with them - we really enjoyed reading it. Koko and Kev were greeted by some very excited year 3 and 4 students. We have already made a list of all the interesting places in our school we would like to show them and we are looking forward to sharing this all with you very soon.

For now, here is a photo to show you all that Koko and Kev are happy and safe in our classroom and about to begin some new adventures.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bye Bye Koko and Kev

So far Koko the Koala has travelled from Sydney to NZ where he met his stowaway friend Kev the Kiwi. they then travelled to London to visit the Queen! After this they made the long this home back to Sydney. now they are heading west to South Australia.

It has been so much fun getting to know them and learning about their adventures. We look forward to following them in the future. 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Hazelnut and Lunar leave New Zealand

Hazelnut and Lunar had a great time with us, but it was time for them to move on to the next school. Before they left, they got to meet some of the other staff at Rowandale:

With Mr Vasau

With Mrs Tofilau

They also got to see a powhiri for our new teachers. Do you know what a powhiri is?

They are now on there way to Denmark. Here is a map of everywhere they've been and the next school they're going to. Can you name all of the places they've been to so far? They have travelled quite a long way.

We wish them luck on their journey. Thanks for visiting us!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Koko and the Cow!

Koko the Koala has been helping Year 1 learn all about the Dairy industry. Today we learnt all that calcium, vitamin D and exercise can help us develop strong bones. We discovered that boys need to eat 2 serves of dairy each day and that girls only need to eat 1 1/2 serves. An example of a serve is a glass of milk or two pieces of cheese or a tub of yoghurt. Thanks Koko for your willingness to be the jockey and tame our dairy cow.

Hazelnut and Lunar Meet Ngeru and Learn Some Maori Words

Hazelnut and Luna were in for a wonderful treat when they came to Rowandale during Maori Language Week. The Meerkat's mascot, Ngeru (Nay-roo) taught them how to say some Maori words. They got so good at them, they decided to make a video of their conversation. Have a look at what they learned!

Kev the Kiwi up to Mischief

Kev the Kiwi has been getting up to mischief in 2L classroom today. It looks like he has been helping students with their work - especially the colouring in.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Descriptive Writing about Hazelnut and Lunar

Today the Marvellous Meerkats (Room 8) of Rowandale wrote descriptions of Hazelnut and Luna. Have a read of what some of us wrote:

By Natalia

 By Dizaliyah

By Mu

 By  Paris

Monday, 27 July 2015

Hazelnut and Lunar Arrive in New Zealand

A few days ago, Hazelnut and Luna arrived in New Zealand and decided to visit us here at Rowandale School. They looked exhausted when they came to my door. It must have taken them ages to get all the way from Faraday School in England. They brought a book with them to tell us all about London.

All of the children were very excited to meet our new friends. We made sure that we sat and listened very carefully when they read their story to us.

Later, it was our day to take care of some of the animals that live at our school so we decided to bring the two of them to help us with our work. Our pigs are named Hettie and Percy (but our chickens don't have any names).

We're looking forward to having our two new friends visit us this week. It's Maori Language Week, so hopefully they will go to their next school knowing some new words!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Koko Tells the Story of His Travels

Today Koko shared some time with us helping to discover all about his travels to London. We enjoyed him helped us with completing our maths tasks. We loved being able to read Charlie and Lola with him. While Kev has spent the day helping Year 1.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Koko the Koala and Kev the Kiwi hit Inaburra School Sydney

Our Stage 1 students at Inaburra School Sydney were very excited today with the introduction of our transport unit. In this they were introduced to two new friends Koko the Koala and Kev the Kiwi. They are part of the PLC school's travelling buddies project. They have been globe trotting and arrived today from the Faraday School in London.

Over the next week students in Stage 1 will be conducting a lot of activities that look at the journey these two have been on and explore where they will be heading next. We were also blessed with a copy of Charlie and Lola's: We Completely Must go to London.

 Thank You Mrs Ramage and her class in London.