Friday, 30 October 2015

Koko and Kev Kick Back in Hastings

Hi Everyone

Kia Ora Koko and Kev! 

Gosh. The arrival of this package in Six Team's class got us wondering. We asked lots of questions. We used some clues to figure out what it might be. Our guessing continued. 

We knew the package had come from South Australia, because we read the sender's address on the back. 

 We wondered...
Is it a pineapple?

There were cheers and excitement when Koko and Kev poked their heads out of the posting bag. They had made it to Mahora School in Hastings, New Zealand. We hope they weren't too hungry on the plane. 

They have been having an outstanding time with our class, Six Team and our teacher,  Miss Revell. 

Koko and Kev had a wonderful time at the Hastings Royal A&P Show with us. 

Koko and Kev are looking forward to their Skype call with the Juniors at Clyde School and Mrs Kitto this morning to share what they have been up to.

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