Monday, 27 July 2015

Hazelnut and Lunar Arrive in New Zealand

A few days ago, Hazelnut and Luna arrived in New Zealand and decided to visit us here at Rowandale School. They looked exhausted when they came to my door. It must have taken them ages to get all the way from Faraday School in England. They brought a book with them to tell us all about London.

All of the children were very excited to meet our new friends. We made sure that we sat and listened very carefully when they read their story to us.

Later, it was our day to take care of some of the animals that live at our school so we decided to bring the two of them to help us with our work. Our pigs are named Hettie and Percy (but our chickens don't have any names).

We're looking forward to having our two new friends visit us this week. It's Maori Language Week, so hopefully they will go to their next school knowing some new words!

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