Sunday, 5 July 2015

Wumbat has arrived at Clarkville!

Wumbat is at Clarkville!

Wumbat arrived at Clarkville School! When we got the parcel, we were very excited to see just who was in there.

Wumbat has been with us for a week so far, and the Jungle Creatures (New Entrants) have taken her on a tour of the school. Some of the Year 2 children have done some research about Wombats, and used their knowledge to build a home for Wumbat while she is with us.

Check out the photos and stories!

We made a burrow for Wumbat, with somewhere for her to sleep, and some food.
This is a picture of me holding Wumbat. When I held Wumbat it was fluffy as anything. It was warm. I like Wumbat. Wumbat is nice.  By Jessica.

I held Wumbat at the playground and I love Wumbat and when I held Wumbat I kissed her. I love Wumbat. I snuggled Wumbat and Wumbat is furry.  By Clara-Jane.
Wumbat is my best friend. We went on the fort.  By Ella
I love Wumbat because I held her. Wumbat is watching me in the sandpit making a volcano.  By Mekaela
Wumbat and the Jungle Creatures had a photo in the tunnels.  By Noah.
I had a photo with my friends and I like Wumbat... and I had my photo in the bird's nest.  By Ben P.
I went to the playground with Wumbat. We walked around the playground.  By Emma
Visiting Disco's cage.  By Mrs Harrison
Wumbat is talking to Disco. Disco is a rabbit.  By Pippa.
Wumbat met Chris. He is the principal.  By James
Bye bye Wumbat. I love you. This is Mrs Mac. Why are you not staying the night for 10 nights?  By Katelyn
I wish the Wumbat could stay.  By Charlee
I like Wumbat. I took Wumbat to the library.  By Josh
I held Wumbat at the climbing tree. We have two climbing trees.  By Taylah
I love Wumbat. I was holding Wumbat by the pool.  By Kaysey
Meg sneaked into the photo. We are in Launch.  By Isabella

Wumbat went on the plane.  By Ben S.

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  1. We would LOVE to get some questions about Wumbat's visit to our school. We can't wait to answer them!!!