Monday, 11 May 2015

Meet 2G at PLC Sydney

We are so excited to be sending Lunar and Hazelnut on their big adventure. We are looking forward to following our travel buddies as they journey to different places. We have enjoyed getting to know our new friends.

Kangaroos live in bushland and carry their babies (joeys) in their pouch. They have soft grey, reddish or brown fur. They have a strong tail and use their legs to jump and kick. When we researched we found out that they live in groups called mobs and they like to box, which looks really funny!

2G consists of 20 enthusiastic girls who like to wonder about the world they live in. We have been investigating unusual pets and have three carnivorous (meat eating) plants and one stick insect who likes to eat eucalyptus leaves. We have formulated many questions for us to explore.

We hope you enjoy your time with Lunar and Hazelnut, please take care of them.

Kind regards,
2G PLC Sydney

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