Saturday, 9 May 2015

Meet 2S at PLC Sydney

Koko the Koala is cute and furry, she has white ears and grey fur. She loves to eat gum leaves, climb trees and rest. She sits in our classroom all day watching us learn from her spot on Miss Scandrett’s desk.

Her favourite subject is Science and she loves learning about all the different types of likely and unlikely pets. Koko is one of five unlikely pets in our classroom. In 2S we have Todo our class pet, aqua dragons, hermit crabs and Fang the Venus Fly Trap. And Koko the Koala of course!

2S are a fantastic and lovely class of 20 hardworking girls. We will miss Koko while she is on her adventure and feel that she will be gone for a long time. But we are looking forward to following her adventures and sharing in what she learns. We can’t wait to see them on the blog.

Please take care of her and we hope you enjoy her.


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