Monday, 15 June 2015

Wumbat in WA

Thank you so much Year 2's at PLC in Sydney for sending Wumbat to visit us. We are a school in the suburbs of Perth way across the country from you. We have students from Pre-Kindy to Year 6's.

So, we have lots of little kids here who love cuddly toys. Our local unique animal is the Quokka and only found on Rottnest Island, so no time to cross the ocean to have them meet. Instead school students will have to do.

Wumbat was greeted enthusiastically by our Year 4 students. Hope you didn't mind the big kids giving her some attention. She had been watching the different classes as they came into the Library and she just seemed to take a shine to them and vice versa.

The Year 4's decided she needed a bit of fun and relaxation after her journey from Sydney. They suspected she may have muscle cramp from being stuffed into a padded post bag for several days. Exercise is what she needed. On the Friday after she arrived, our school was raising money through a Lapathon. Our students had to walk around and around the school oval - there was music, there was skipping, there was backward walking and a whole lot of fun considering it was a school day.

So they collected some sponsors for Wumbat and away she went. A particular group of girls made her life a little too easy as she was cuddled and carried the entire way, with a little smirk on her face. "How will those little legs ever get strong?" demanded the boys who secretly wanted to have her company. Well, the good news is she survived the exercise campaign and even donated $10 to the cause.

We decided that day that her time in sunny Western Australia was about to be over - I mean how much fun can one little wombat have? We looked down the list to find a new destination. We picked Clarkville School in New Zealand. Time to meet a unique animal - the Kiwi bird. We packed her off on a Qantas jet and sent her to another group of students who could share their love. Going the long way, we think, considering the way the plane is heading.

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