Sunday, 6 March 2016

Another year begins...

I started this project at PLC Sydney last year not really knowing how big it would get or even if it would work. But it seems to have worked ok so far, and if you check the Participating Schools list and the Where Are We Now? pages on this blog you'll see that our three furry friends have indeed seen quite a bit of the world so far.

I'm no longer working at PLC Sydney but I'd love to keep this project going anyway. I'm sure the Year 2 classes for 2016 (and the Year 3 classes from last year who started the whole thing) will be interested to see how it unfolds.

So if you're on the list of schools to participate I'll be in touch to see if you still want to play. And if you're not, and you'd like to be, just add your name. All the info is on the How to Participate page.

Looking forward to see where these critters end up this year!


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